Ashima Research

First 270 sols of REMS data

We've processed the first public release of REMS data into NetCDF files, covering the first 270 sols of the mission (August 6, 2012 to August 8, 2013). All of the data from the level 1 dataset is included in 5 NetCDF files (one for each table type), with the unit and description for each variable (if available).

Download the NetCDF files here.

Mars Orbiter Camera - Mars Daily Global Maps

This searchable archive contains processed, global, color images of Mars collected by the Mars Orbiter Camera from the Mars Global Surveyor mapping orbit. These images extend from 1999 to 2006. Images are available for both polar regions in polar stereographic maps and for the tropics and mid-latitudes in equirectangular (latitude-longitude) maps.

Browse, search and/or download the MOC MDGM images

MCS and TES Global "Reanalysis"

This archive will eventually contain global "reanalysis" of the Mars Climate Sounder and Thermal Emission Spectrometer data sets. Reanalysis in this context means "best case" global extrapolation of the spacecraft data. Global reanalysis is a pending project, but software systems necessary to accomplish it are tested and available on this site. An example file has been prepared to give an idea of the file format and representative data content.